Southwest Gardener: Make Your Garden Feel Like Home

Southwest Gardener is a Phoenix shop that celebrates the uniqueness of the desert Southwest. We treat the garden as high art and offer many one-of-a kind and handcrafted items to make your home and garden beautiful. We’re here to help with practical gardening needs and to spark your creative spirit. You’ll find workshops on everything from how-to gardening lessons to crafting inspired garden art. Scheduled  plant sales include organic herbs and vegetables. In the desert, we  garden and play outdoors 10 months of the year. Come see how you can make your garden feel like home.

Ladybugs & Lacewings

We get our Ladybugs and Green Lacewings from Orcon Organic Control. These are the instructions they offer on how to introduce these beneficial insects into your garden. Note: Ladybugs and Green Lacewings are vulnerable to pesticides. Pesticides should not be used 14...

A New Friend At The Feeder

Here's a new pal that's just found the feeder on the patio of our midtown Phoenix highrise. She's quick but we got a sweet video. Enjoy! hummingbird video We have more information on hummingbirds right here.