This wonderful Wind Spinner has become a customer favorite. Its natural look and the graceful way it twirls in a breeze makes it a perfect fit for any garden. We’re having a hard time keeping it in stock, people love it so much.

But, it’s just gotten a bit harder for us to get and here’s why. The U.S. company we buy it from has it hand-crafted in India, and unfortunately the last shipment out was destroyed in a dock fire. Yikes.

But never, fear, production is back up and running, it’s just going to take a while to get more. Here is what we suggest. If you really want one, call us at 602.279.9510 and give us your name and telephone number, along with a small deposit, to hold it. When the spinners arrive – by early June, we’re told – we’ll call and you can pay the balance when you pick it up.

Or, if you’re out of state, just order it now on our website and we’ll send it to you the minute our shipment arrives here. Or, if you’re just not sure, call and put your name on our hold list. No deposit required. It’s just that when the items arrive all orders are filled on a first-come, first served basis. Paid and deposit orders take priority.

Everyone who has one swears they are worth the wait!