Grow Great Tomatoes – February 9


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Sunday, February 9, Noon.  Local grower Gregory Ware produces some of the best tomatoes plants in the Valley. In this very popular workshop he’ll share planting tips, information on where to plant tomatoes in your garden, how and when to fertilize, and how to avoid blossom end rot and survive spring pests. You’ll also get tips for growing tomatoes in containers and some of the lore and legends behind the many tomato varieties that Gregory has grown. You will learn to grow an abundance of tasty tomatoes in the desert and have all your tomato-related gardening questions answered. This is a two-hour class.

Cancellation policy:  No refunds or store credits will be issued if you can’t attend a class. Instructors work far in advance to prepare materials for class and they are paid whether or not you come. No exceptions.