Colorful, cheery flags look great on a garden gate, over a doorway or window, or in a special spot in your home, and these hand-made beauties will give off just the right vibe. An artist in the Pacific Northwest makes these from blocks she hand carves and then prints onto high-quality 100% cotton fabric. Each piece is printed with a non-toxic, fade-resistant black ink and is sewn with a finished edge. The pieces are securely sown onto black ribbon with plenty of extra on each end for tying. This is a perfect decoration for house warming celebrations, weddings, and just everyday joy. We love them because they combine the grace of a traditional prayer flag with the beauty of the natural world. This item ships free.

-Each flag measures approximately 5 inches wide and 7 inches tall.
-6 Flags/set. Honeybees are sold out.
-Total strand is about 6 feet long, with about 1 1/2 feet of ribbon on each end for tying.
-Finished with a black ribbon.

Flags left outside will naturally change with the elements. Alterations in printing placement and other small variations will occur.

Please allow about two weeks for delivery.


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