seed_packetsWe have a unique desert climate in the low desert because we have multiple planting seasons broken into warm season gardening and cool season gardening. Cool season gardening is our largest season, offering the largest variety of food crops. August is when we begin to transition to cool season gardening.

If you have used the past four weeks to adequately prepare your soil, here are the seeds you can start now as we head into the cool gardening season. If you start transplants now, with the exception of tomatoes and peppers, you are likely to lose them or have them bolt due to heat.

Start your planting around the 15th of the month with most of these except where noted:

Beans – Pinto (August 1), Snap

Bok Choy


Brussels Sprouts


Carrots – August 1



Corn – August 1




Mustard Greens

Onions, Green

Squash, summer – This is a good time to try again because you’re less likely to have squash bug issues.

Tomatoes – Transplants only, short day varieties