All most gardeners want is a little more time with their plants. Second to that, they want to maximize the work they do with some good, reliable help, aka tools. Here are some of our favorites – available online where links are provided, all are also in the shop.

Every gardener appreciates good gloves. They can never have enough. West County gloves have sturdy palms and velcro wrist closure. West County also makes a glove with long gauntlet sleeves that protect arms from thorny roses, trees and bushes. These mitt protectors wash well, too. If your gardener likes something more lightweight, the Atlas Gloves with nitrile fingertips are everyday favorites.

In the desert, raised beds offer a great alternative to trying to get enough depth and amendment material into our native soil for successful vegetable gardening. The challenge is the time and tools required to build a sturdy structure. Stacking Joints or the M Brace are thoughtful gifts for anyone ready to build a raised garden. Stacking Joints are friendly corners that can be adjusted for any shape garden bed and allow you to build a garden to your desired height. Just buy the timber, screw it into each joint and fill the resulting space with soil.

The Gardener’s Hollow Leg is a nifty water-resistant fabric sack that you wear on your waist while you prune, dead-head and weed. Just toss your mess into the bag. No hauling a trash can or bending over to pick up waste. There’s even a pocket for a cell phone or iPod.

The must-have toll for everyone, Circle Hoe is perfect for weeding in rough, hard-t0-reach spots. It’s lightweight and sharp and has a sturdy but comfortable solid wood handle.

Indoor plant enthusiasts will appreciate a Moisture Meter. This easy to use device helps determine the watering needs of potted plants.

Our Master Gardener friend Pam Perry says labeling your plants and seeds is one the most important thing a gardener can do. And she’s right. How many times do you go out to enjoy some plant in your landscape and you can’t remember its name? We’ve got basic plant labels in copper or XXX. You write on these with a pen, pencil or sharpie. Of if you have a pretty herb or veggie garden consider Ronnie Costas hand-made glass plant labels – they provide every garden bed with information and bling.

An herb drying rack – This is the perfect item for your favorite cook/herb gardener to dry and preserve tasty herbs. The rack includes six hooks for hanging bundles or herbs or flowers.