Raised beds are great, especially if you garden in the Sonoran desert or if you want to contain your gardening. (Amy once turned her small back yard into a flower/veggie jungle, which might have been nice if she could find anything. Now she has a raised bed and the plants and her family are much happier.)

Having built raised beds, we can tell you it wasn’t easy. We only wish the M Brace had been available.

All you do is slide boards into the corners of these attractive frames and you’ll have a raised garden bed in minutes. It’s true. No hammer, nails or screws needed. Best of all: no aching back at the end of the day.

The M Brace is made in the U.S. A. from recycled steel that is powder coated not to rust.  Each brace is 13″ high and 11″ wide to make a raised bed approximately 16″ tall, which is deep enough for just about any use. In fact, it’s deep enough that you can build your bed right on top of a hard surface.

There are a number of cut out designs available – a sun, swirls and (our personal favorite) this  carrot. The M Brace is packaged as a set of two. You’ll need four to do a garden. We currently don’t have them on our website because they would be a bit pricey to ship, but if you need them shipped or locally delivered, call us and we’re happy to get you a cost on that.

We’ve got a selection of M Brace at the shop that you’re welcome to play with, or call if you have questions: 602.279.9510. Just add soil and water and your garden is ready to go.