We love the way the Rescue Disposable Fly Trap works to keep our outdoor spaces continuously “fly free”. Inside the trap there’s a powdered mixture of safe ingredients that flies find attractive. You just pop open the trap, add water to the fill line and hang the trap bag from a tree. Within minutes flies are lured inside the trap, where they can’t get out.

They key is to hang the trap about 20 feet from your outdoor eating areas because the food and smells flies find yummy aren’t something you’d enjoy. Nevertheless, Rescue works great to clear a large area of flies for about a month at a time. When the trap is full you just toss it in the trash.

We’ve got one near the compost pile and the trash cans and it works great. We sit outside for weekend meals and in the late afternoons without having to swat away annoying flies. Rescue Disposable Fly Traps are available in the shop at Southwest Gardener.