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Seasonal Gardening | Southwest Gardener

Rose Pruning

It’s rose pruning time and we’ve found these helpful tips courtesy of the U of A Cooperative Extension and the Clemson Cooperative Extension publication, “Pruning Roses” by Karen Russ and Bob Polomski. Pruning roses keeps the plants healthy,...
Growing Basil

Growing Basil

One of the easiest and most prolific herbs to grow in the desert is sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum). In addition to being a regular culinary tool and treat, the pretty stalks of petite white flowers this plant produces make great summer bouquets.  In food, it is loved...
Tomato Growing Tips

Shade Your Tomatoes

So we’re approaching  that time of year when your tomato plants have fruit, they look good, they are starting to ripen and – boom – 100 degrees hits and we all worry we’ll lose the crop before steady high temperatures take hold. What to do? Invest in 50% shade cloth...