grow_moreOne of the great pleasures about our Plant Sales is that there are lots of active gardeners in the shop at the same time, so there’s a lot of sharing of what works well in your gardens. We love hearing about  your gardens and enjoy the interaction that takes place when gardeners gather.  So much information to share!

One of our long-time customers, Karen, recently shared about her success with Grow More Seaweed Extract. Karen used to get it at Baker’s Nursery and when the beloved spot closed she asked us to carry it. Karen – who grows a huge variety of plants – says what she likes best about  Grow More Seaweed Extract is that it keeps her plants super healthy, so healthy they don’t become victims of whiteflies,  aphids or any other pests. She likens it to an inoculation in that her plants are fortified and  ready to withstand all kinds of possible problems. Plus, Karen says, her plants rarely suffer frost damage because their cell structure is so strong. 

We asked Gregory Ware, our local grower of all the veggie and herb starts at our Plant Sales, and he agrees. He says he tells customers to start using Grow More Seaweed Extract about two to three weeks after transplanting for the same reason. When plants are healthy and develop good cell structure they are less likely to be susceptible to stress, which is when pests take over.